Corona virus, also known as COVID-19, is a virus with a high epidemiologic propagation. It’s started in Hubei, China, on past December and fast reach Wuhan the 7th most big city in china 42th in the world.

Scientists studying the virus genome is and soon we may have a vacine that will help decrease the numbers of infected persons.

The important point is make smart and good decisions. The scenary is not so drastic as media is printing on ours screens. Panic is installed in lot of countries, specially in Europe.

Fake news is rugeley massive without fidedigno sources. The best way is follow information provide for institution that provide real and truthful information. You can check the Frequently Asked Questions on CDC Centers to know information and updates.

Acting as a Project Manager part of our responsability is lead company, teams and people to in how to face it. Our colleague Ricardo Vargas produced an very well done work about the assessment and action-plan for Covid-19. Share it with your team, elucidate them to not be in panic. Now is time to work remotely, to be compromised with government and company indications to make it happen without impact in health, economy. Business and projects can’t stop, we should adopt solutions to keep things ongoing.

To be updated about progress we can consult the dashboard provided by WHO, daily updated with real numbers and subscribe World Health Organization mailing list.

Another trusted source is CDC Risk Assessment, where you can see all information about risks.