Administered on a secure platform using proven exam delivery technology, the online version is exactly the same as the in-person exam…there’s even a live proctor. The only difference? You can take it in your pajamas. 

With 24/7 testing options to accommodate your schedule, you can take the exam day or night. All you need is a: 

  • computer with a webcam
  • reliable internet connection
  • quiet space where you can spend a few uninterrupted hours

There’s nothing standing between you and the PMP. You’ve put in the work. Now see it pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions

My PMP exam was canceled due to testing center closures. How can I reschedule to take my exam online?

Candidates can reschedule their exams through their online Pearson VUE account. Here, you can choose the online proctor testing option or the traditional center-based testing option. If the testing centers in your area have been restored, you will be able to select a location and an available seat. Please note, even if testing centers in your area have not been reopened, you will still see the center-based testing option, but it will say there are not any seats available.

My scheduled PMP exam date is approaching, but I would rather take my exam online. How can I reschedule and opt to take the exam online?

In your Pearson VUE online account, you can cancel your existing exam date and reschedule choosing the online proctored testing option. PMI is currently waiving exam rescheduling fees.

Is the online proctored testing option similar to taking the exam on-demand? Can I take the exam at any time?

Since you are required to be video monitored by a live proctor during your exam, the exam is not “on-demand” and you need to schedule it ahead of time. However, our schedule has slots available every 15 minutes so you can find a time 24/7 that is convenient for your schedule.

Can I take other PMI exams online?

The PMP exam is joining two other PMI certifications you can currently take online: the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification exams.

Can all PMP candidates take their exams online?

Almost all PMP candidates can take their exams online. However, online proctored testing is not permitted in Japan, Slovenia, and South Korea. Candidates in these countries may see the online proctored testing option when they schedule their exam, however, they will be unable to see availability for online testing. PMP candidates in those countries must take their exams in a testing center.

What if I have special needs that require an accommodation?

If you require test accommodations in order to take your exam, you must apply for these and receive approval from PMI before scheduling your exam. You will need to take the exam in a test center. Visit the Special Accommodations page for more information.

In what languages are the exams available?

PMP exams are translated into multiple languages. Please consult the PMP handbook or details on specific languages available. Please note that although the exams are available in multiple languages, the proctoring software, greeter support, and proctor support are only available in English.

How do I schedule for PMP online proctored exam?

Before you can schedule your exam you must submit your application payment. Once payment is received, you will then be eligible to schedule your online proctored exam. Log in to and navigate to “Review Application Status” under myPMI. Click “Schedule Exam”. You will be directed to schedule your online proctored exam through Pearson VUE.

You can find more information in PMI website. 

For more about the online proctor testing experience, visit:

In addition to the PMP, the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certifications can be taken online.